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Health & Safety

When using any equipment, reasonable care must be taken to ensure the health and safety of yourself and others around you. All Elite Site Supplies equipment is fully maintained and tested to the required standards before issue. In addition to this all necessary safety equipment can be supplied. Our fully trained staff can advise on the appropriate safety equipment required.


Working at height is the biggest single cause of fatal and serious injury in the construction industry, particularly on smaller projects. Over 60% of deaths during working at height involve falls from ladders, scaffold, working platforms and roof edges and through fragile roofs or rooflights.

Employers and the self-employed are required by law to: •

-Follow the risk assessments you have carried out for working at height and ensure all work at height is planned, organised and carried out by competent people;

-Follow the hierarchy for managing risks from working at height - take steps to avoid, prevent or reduce risks; •

-Choose the right work equipment and select collective measures to prevent falls (such as guardrails and working platforms) before other measures which may only mitigate the distance and consequences of a fall (such as nets or airbags) or which may only provide personal protection from a fall.

Losing your hearing because of noisy working conditions is a real problem. Around 170,000 people in Britain suffer ear conditions such as tinnitus (constant noise in the ear), or even deafness because they've had to work in conditions that are too noisy.

We can give you expert help and advice, as well as supply the correct PPE required for the job.

Hand Arm Vibration, or HAV's, is a painful and disabling condition caused by power tools and machinery. If you regularly work with power tools, compactor plates, road saws and breakers, brush cutters, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers, or any other power tools, you could be at risk.

-Keep warm and keep your blood circulating by flexing your fingers and hands during

-Make sure you always use the right tool for the job

For a copy of our HAVS Chart, please contact one of our offices.

A huge range of products from bricks to blocks, mortar to roof tiles, masonry to concrete, contain silica. It's perfectly safe, but as soon as you start cutting, drilling or grinding, it forms a fine dust.

No matter what you do, if you work in construction, you'll come into contact with silica dust. Regular exposure, even of small amounts, increases the risk of developing diseases that can disable or even kill you - up to 500 people a year die because of the effects of silica dust.

However, there are lots of ways of protecting yourself, by using dust extraction equipment, respirators or by using a different tool to do the job. We can help you with a whole range of dust extraction, dust suppression, and dust cleaning systems.

If you're an employer, you'll need to abide by COSHH regulations. You'll need to -

-Check the risks to your workers and decide what controls to use

-Make sure that you and your workers use the controls properly

-Tell your workers about the risks to their health

-Train them on how to handle dust

And we can use all our experience, expertise and equipment to make working with dust easier for you and your employees.

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